Long Time No Post (Japan Bound)

I haven’t been blogging lately and I’m not going to lie and say I’ve been super busy, because I haven’t. I’m about to transfer to Japan in the next three weeks and my motivation has seriously decreased.

It feels so unreal to me. I’ll be over there for at least two years, and although I’m excited to experience some new things; I don’t want to leave my amazing boyfriend and family behind. I’m very thankful that Cody will be joining me within the next six months, however the time we’re apart is going to suck.


I’ve been working out harder to cope with leaving in a healthy way but sometimes the best way to cope is cry or break something. I know the day I fly out, I’m going to be a massive train wreck.


Change can be good and bad. Right now, it’s bad and I don’t want anything to change. My life has been perfect in the last year and I couldn’t ask for a better person to spend my life with. The only thing I can do now is sit back and be the loving, caring, and patient person that I’ve always been.



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