Keep Pushing!

I woke up yesterday morning so sore that I felt like I injured myself. And then I thought, “it had to be the side planks”. I’ve been focusing on working out mainly my legs and core, that I forgot I have an upper body. My goal for this week is to focus on a variety of workouts to target my whole body.


My workout yesterday morning consisted of a mile run, with some crossfit  in between at the vacant playground up the street. After reading Simply Sadie Jane’s blog on her playground WOD, I’ve been wanting to try.

I went back and forth on the monkey bars twice, bench jumps x10 and dips! I also attempted to do pullups using a mixed grip! Successfully, I completed two! Last week I couldn’t even do one; my body is defiantly getting stronger! Attempting new things helps me stay motivated!

IMG_3840Plus I finally broke down and got a new heart rate monitor and I love it! It also motivates me to push myself harder! I chose to buy the Polar Loop! It is simply yet very useful! It came with the heart rate monitor strap that helps track my workouts even better! And it syncs to my phone so I can see my progress anywhere!


Later in the day, since Cody was streaming on Twitch, I went to grocery store and picked up some things for sweet potato pizza crust. Sunday was our homemade pizza night!

IMG_3910I’ve been trying to sneak in healthy alternatives to recipes and a lot of the times Cody doesn’t even realize it! But thankfully, he’s very open minded when it comes to trying new things. I used Go Veggie “Cheese” which in my opinion, yes it’s gluten free & lactose free but it’s processed. So therefore, it is not Paleo.

IMG_3907You can find this pizza crust recipe here. I’m also working on making cauliflower pizza crust, on our next homemade pizza night for sure!

I hope you all enjoy!

(Also, I apologize for the randomness!)





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