My 5k race last Saturday was amazing! I had a lot of fun and in addition to finishing the race, I managed to make first place female in the 20-29 age group!

IMG_3803I was so proud of myself, defiantly a boost to keep going! Cody was very impressed as well; we both didn’t think I would finish that quickly. I finished with a time of 25:48! And let me tell you, afterwards I almost fainted! Thankfully I was fine, I only felt like a was dying for a few minutes! IMG_3790

In preparation for this race, I cut down my running and workouts by 60% a week before so my muscles had plenty of time to recover. I struggled with that, I’m usually a very active person so not sweating as hard as I normally was, frustrated me.

Now that the race is over and my next one isn’t until September, I’m trying my best to get back on track. Mainly my routine of eating healthy meals. I’ve been pushing myself so hard lately with work and running, that I’m not focusing as well on my eating as I should. It is very frustrating at times.

I just remind myself why I started in the first place and pull myself back together.

IMG_3818It is defiantly important to have a very strong support system and to those that I follow that give me more motivation everyday!

And a big thank you to those that read my blog!! I apologize for being MIA this last week. I usually post religiously on my Instagram, so give it a follow!

Now it’s your turn!




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