Let’s Talk Confidence

I am having a wonderful time being home with my family. My dad is doing great and recovering from his surgery beautifully!!


I’ve been doing my best to help them out while I’m here by mowing the lawn or going to pick up groceries; I am so thankful that I’m able to be here during their time of need.

My dad means the world to me, so it’s kind of upsetting to see him not doing the things he would like to but that’s what recovery is all about. My little brothers and I are having a blast running around here chasing the chickens or playing with our English Mastiff, Eddie! I head back to Virginia in the morning and I’m excited to see Cody and Hippo! I has felt like forever!


Getting to my actual topic for this post; Confidence, how confident are you or how much confidence do you think you have in yourself?

It’s taken me years to accept myself and see myself as beautiful. The only way I can think that made me gain more confidence is I just stopped caring about what others thought about me. That’s all I ever cared about when I was younger and as I grew up I grew tired of it. It’s actually very exhausting if you think about it. I decided to look at the big picture; I have to live with myself for the rest of my life. I will never be anyone else or look like anyone else. I am my own person with my own flaws and beauty. When I think about my past and how far I’ve come, I get this huge smile on my face. Because finally, I can breathe freely with in my own body. I have so many people in my life; whether they’re friend or family that will be there for me until the end of time. I’m thankful everyday that I’m alive and the opportunities that are ahead.


Embrace all your beauty and all your flaws, they are all yours! You can be mocked or made fun of, but that shouldn’t affect your confidence and self worth.

Years from now, when you look in the mirror; your confidence and beauty will still be looking back at you!

Take advantage of the negative and look at it as a way to grow stronger and keep moving forward to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

You are your worst enemy, no one can tell you otherwise. It’s important to differentiate your negative thoughts with the positive.

Let’s Try Something!

Write ten positive things about yourself that you love! Whether it’s your hair, your handwriting, your nose…what ever!! It’s what you love!

Carry the list with you everywhere!

When you need a reminder of how amazing you are, take out the list and read it!!

Then five write more! It’s incredible how you figure out things about yourself when you put them on paper!

What are your thoughts, comments, concerns?




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