Road Trip to Ohio!


4 am- Wake up

5 am- Hit the Road.

I didn’t get down the block before I realized we had a flat tire. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too upset. It was just super inconvenient. We pulled my car into the drive way and noticed there was a screw hole in it. Thankfully, Cody looked up where we could get a tire and Walmart Auto Center didn’t open until 8 am. We hung out until then and gave Cody and I more time to spend together before I left for Ohio for a week!! We left to go pick up my tire and Cody put it on my car for me and we were out the door by 9:30. A little behind schedule but defiantly okay!

IMG_3283IMG_3313       IMG_3284

Mary and I had 8 hours to drive and although the drive was beautiful, it was LONG! We talked and listened to music. Mary being Mary, made faces to the cars driving next to us. For lunch we stopped at Subway! I got my usual 6″ Veggie on Honey Oat and Mary got the Subway BMT.


I have never been able to nap in the car, so I tried to and defiantly no luck. I texted Cody and Played on my phone before I realized Mary was getting us pulled over! I thought she was joking, then I saw the lights.

I guess we just couldn’t catch a break today! haha! But on the positive side, we didn’t in an accident!

On road trips I always love to stop at Starbucks for a pick me up, So I made Mary find one near Charleston, West Virginia! It was just convenient since we needed to fill up on gas!


We made it to Marietta at about 6:45 pm to  drop off Mary at her house, then another 30 minute drive to New Matamoras to my parents house!! My parents live out in the country on 26 acres of land! It is just beautiful and very relaxing! I’m defiantly looking forward to the time I get to spend here!





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