5 Things to Make the Most of Rest Days!

I decided to make my rest days every Monday. Why? Because I workout the hardest on the weekends and also because work seems to be way more hectic on Mondays. I was thinking, Why not take advantage of these days instead of wondering what to do.
 Here are 5 Things to Get you Started on 
Taking Advantage of  “Off” Days. 

Catch up on some other hobbies and activities you like to do. 
Some examples: painting, scrap booking, taking pictures, etc. I love editing pictures and making collages, so I look forward to my rest days so I have more time to do those things! 

Make time with friends and family. 
Most days you are either working and in the gym. Off days allow you take spend more time with your loved ones with a lot of time to chat and catch up! 

Simply Nap!
Sometimes the point of a rest day, is Rest! Without it our bodies defiantly wouldn’t make it very far before shutting down. 

Set up an appointment for a massage! 
This is a great way to recover after a hard weeks worth of exercise; a massage allows your body to relax and recover faster. And it’s a stress reliever!!
 Stretch Out! Take your time to do some relaxing yoga and actually stretch out properly. Your body will thank you when your next workout comes along!

I hope you find this helpful if your like me and have a hard time resting. Share your ideas!! What do you enjoy doing on your rest days?


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