Overcoming Overeating!

It is Saturday and I have duty, which means I had to work this morning.

It’s really not that bad but Cody hasn’t been feeling great and I didn’t want him to get sick again. Hippo and I were both worried about him. Thankfully, Cody is much better today!! 

I slept a little late this morning so I didn’t have time to make coffee and bring it with me to work, so I stopped at Starbucks! I love regular coffee with two shots and espresso! and I got a little breakfast as well. 

We didn’t have a lot of work to do for duty so about an hour before we were able to leave I decided to take advantage of the time and workout! I ran on the treadmill for about 20 minutes and did some strength exercises!

 I’m convinced now that the best anti-depressant is exercise!! My mood since I have gotten on a normal routine of working out has defiantly changed for the better! 

On my way home from work, I decided to check out T.J. Maxx for some more workout shorts and bras. They have so many cute & reasonable priced clothes; I had to limit myself!
For lunch I grilled up some chicken breast and made a colorful salad! I cleaned up our bedroom and the kitchen and it hit me! Instantly sleepy! A nap was in the plan!

Later on after I woke up and got dressed, Cody and I went for Mexican. It’s been a weekly routine for us to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant! However, I have a tendency to put myself in a food coma, so I told myself that I wasn’t going to and try something different!

And I did! I chose the Shrimp Fajitas with Corn Tortillas! I tried my best to limit myself on the chips and salsa dip, so I filled up on water before our meals came. 
Even though I didn’t put myself in a food coma, I defiantly ate more than I wanted to. 

So Moving on….

 How to Over come Over Eating or a Binge
This is how I personally deal with over eating or a binge.
Right After you Overeat
1. Drink a lot of water; water helps flush out your system and cleanse your kidneys! Since water is absorbed through your intestines as well, it helps aid in digestion!
2. Try some peppermint or ginger tea. These teas are remedies for upset stomachs, bloating and nausea. They’re defiantly helpful after an episode!
3. Avoid Carbonated Beverages (yes, that means beer too!) Carbonated drinks can make you more bloated and uncomfortable. It’s best to avoid them until your feeling more like yourself again.
4. Stay Active!  I don’t mean run a marathon with a full stomach. Light activity such as cleaning sprees or going for a walk. It helps to burn some of that food and start your digestion process.
5. Talk about it. If your not comfortable, say that! Explain how you feel about the physical discomfort. I’m guilty of avoiding this, but sometimes I just say, “I shouldn’t have eaten so much” and I think back to what I can do better next time.
6. Try not to sleep for at least a couple hours. I am defiantly guilty of this, but in worse case situations, sometimes you just have to. But even walking around the house or reading helps.
7. Get comfortable! Instantly sweat pants are on! It’s OK to wear your most comfortable clothing, it helps you feel more relaxed. Pamper yourself and take a hot bath! Make the most out of a sh**ty situation!
Now Let’s Get Back on Track!
For the Day After
1. Eat Breakfast. Just because of one bad meal, you don’t have to restrict your food. Make a healthy breakfast and enjoy it! Also, it’s a great way to jump start your metabolism!
2. Sweat it out! Now it’s a new day! Take some stress out on the track! You’ll feel ten times better! I guarantee!
3. Hydrate! Your body is over 75 percent water! You need it to keep your metabolism in check so you can conquer the day like a boss!
4. Avoid fast food! Make lunch & dinner at home. That way you can’t be tempted to overeat if you make a healthy lunch and dinner! Salad Time!
For more “Get back on Track” info check out this link. Click Here!
One bad meal won’t make you fat, like one good meal won’t make you fit. It takes practice and time. Don’t beat yourself up over every not so good for you food you eat. It’s OK in moderation, so don’t avoid all your guilty pleasure foods. Enjoy them! or set a goal and reward yourself with it!!



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