Healthy Hump Day!

Lately work has been out of control! I rarely have time to eat my lunch or sit down. I’m not too bothered because it’s keeps me going. I think of it as a mini workout.

I ran on the treadmill this morning before work. I enjoy working out first thing because I feel like it makes the rest of my day. However, by the time it’s ready to go home from work, I’m ready for a nap!

Today I kept my meals and snacks extra healthy, since last night I gave into Red Robin steak fries and pretzel bites. Cody and I were craving burgers of some sort! I wasn’t too upset about it considering I would make up for it by my run the next day!

 {Defiantly couldn’t finish my beer}
There is nothing wrong in moderation!
I started my Disease of the Human Body class today and I am trying my best to not stress out. So to prevent that from happening, I pampered myself a little bit and relaxed.
I do get grumpy though when it’s past my bed time. I wake up so early for work that when it’s ready for bed I AM READY! 

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