The Benefits of Creating a Meal Plan.

I can’t stress enough the importance of creating a meal plan; during recovery especially! A meal plan keeps you on track and helps to regulate your body into a “normal” eating routine. 
Another way to keep track of your eating is creating a food journal! I always get excited and create my meal plan for the next day. If I change what I plan on eating, not a big deal! Most of the time I don’t log my food until after I eat it; this way my diet isn’t completely restricted.
 The most important thing that works for me and has been working, is to create times that you should eat your meals and snacks. I also like to log my water intake so I can make sure my body is hydrated.
It is also a great idea to set goals for yourself every day! Whether it’s drink more water, relax, do things you love, etc. Setting goals and achieving them makes you motivated to keep going.
How to Make a Food Journal
I suggest finding a smaller notebook or making your own.
It is easier to carry around anywhere.
Your food journal is your own, that being said you can write anything it, make it colorful, collage it with stickers, What ever your heart desires!! 
I also use an app on my phone to help me keep track of my activity and eating. It is called Argus, I absolutely love it, I recommend it to anyone! The design, all the things it can do to keep you on track and motivated is incredible. I have an iphone5, and it works perfectly!
If you want to try Argus (for apple) you can get it here



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