The Dark Place

This whole week, I have been waking up feeling depressed, upset, lonely.
I call this my dark place.
It tends to last all day with some migranes and crying mixed in. I’m not sure what causes this dark place, although my mind has been racing alot lately.
I isolate myself from everyone, even the ones I care about most.
I have a hard time talking about how I feel, so most of the time I just don’t. Which results in a nervous breakdown, followed by a long nap.
My advice for when your in the dark place…
1. Talk about it!
2. Don’t isolate yourself.
3. Relax, remember all the good things in life.
4. Have fun (even if you have to force yourself.)
My dark place cuts me off from the world when I’m upset about something. I avoid it and hide my feelings.

When you know your in the dark place, take action right away. Do not be afraid to cry and let it out. We are human and no one is perfect, remember that.

My idea of perfect is being completely happy with who i am and how i look, also my emotions are completely in control. 
What is your idea of perfect?

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